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The Client:
Mediacom is one of the world’s largest media buying firms. It’s 8,000 employees support more than 2,000 clients in markets around the world.
Client Need:
Mediacom places tens of millions of dollars of digital media each month. Varied billing structures and complex campaigns necessitate a high-degree of collaboration in the media billing process.
AW Solution:
AutonomyWorks performs monthly billing and reconciliation for direct media buys, programmatic media, search, and social. We coordinate between MediaCom and its media partners to ensure accurate invoices that can be processed through Mediacom’s financial systems cleanly.

Each month, we create invoice estimates and email dozens of publishers to confirm totals. AutonomyWorks resolves most discrepancies with the partner directly. More complicated issues are escalated to MediaCom experts. After all parties agree on invoice amounts, AutonomyWorks updates MediaCom financial systems and reallocates future budgets as required.
AutonomyWorks supports eight of MediaCom’s largest customers and reconciles millions of dollars of monthly media spend.
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