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The digital marketing space continues to see exceptional innovation. With this innovation compes complexity, investment, and risk. Managing these challenges can distract teams from strategic efforts and growth. AutonomyWorks takes on the entire breadth of marketing operations tasks including campaign maintenance and optimization, delivery assurance, reporting, and financial reconciliation. We work across display, search and email to deliver a single integrated solution.

Our clients entrust us with the execution of campaigns spending tens of millions of dollars each month. AutonomyWorks delivers unparalleled quality and responsiveness to ensure flawless execution from campaign set-up through financial reconciliation. Our team has experience with dozens of display, search and email platforms to give our clients the flexibility they need.

Campaign audits and Optimization
- Launch is only the first step in the delivery of successful campaigns. Once campaigns launch in market, AutonomyWorks monitors delivery, pacing, and performance in order to maximize results
Reporting and Analytics - Digital marketing campaigns generate massive amounts of data. AutonomyWorks integrates these pools of data to create management and optimization reports that enable informed decision making.
Asset Quality Assurance - Dynamic campaigns require dynamic assets - ads, landing pages, websites, and more. AutonomyWorks tests and validates all types of assets to ensure consistency and functionality.
Media Billing and Reconciliation - AutonomyWorks manages the financial reconciliation required by every campaign. Our process ensures accurate payments, updated pacing, and billing adjustments.
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