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AutonomyWorks is proud to be part of a growing community of entrepreneurs working to provide career opportunities for adults with autism. Among this group, there is great diversity of business, operating model, and approach. Autism is a spectrum. A breadth of solutions will be required.
Organization Business Summary
Software Testing
Aspiritech: Highland Park, IL
  • Aspiritech specializes in regression testing, exploratory testing, compatibility testing, user acceptance testing, functional testing, system testing, and automation.
Auticon: Global offices
  • Auticon specializes in business analytics, test automation, and software development.
Focus Professional Services: Vancouver, BC
  • Focus Professional Services supplies specialized, trained consultants for software testing, data management, and other related services to organizations throughout British Columbia.
Passwerk: Belgium
  • Passwerk performs software testing and other quality assurance assignments.
Specialisterne: Netherlands
  • Specialisterne’s services range from software management to data testing and logistics, to consultancy and design.
Ultranauts: New York, NY
  • Ultranauts provides a full suite of testing services for websites, digital campaigns, mobile applications and enterprise solutions.
Green Bridge Growers: IN
  • Green Bridge Growers supplies locally grown food to local businesses.
Roses for Autism: Guilford, CT
  • Roses for Autism is a non-profit social enterprise whose mission is to foster meaningful employment for individuals with Autism.
Urban Autism Solutions: Chicago, IL
  • Urban Autism Solutions provides a large number of services including pet walking, cooking, and farming.
Consumer Goods and Services
Extraordinary Ventures: NC
  • Extraordinary Ventures has an array of services that they provide from dog walking to bus cleaning to laundry.
Harry’s Buttons: Chicago, IL
  • Harry’s Buttons creates customized buttons, pins, and key chains.
Popcorn For The People: Piscataway, NJ
  • Popcorn for the People provides meaningful and lasting employment for adults with autism and other developmental disabilitiese by creating employment through popcorn! Every tin you purchase provides at least an hour of meaningful employment.
Rising Tide Carwash
  • Rising Tide Carwash provides high quality carwashes, car detailing, and other services.
Training/ Job Placement
  • Launchablility is a job-placement service for overlooked adults with cognitive disabilities.
NonPareil Institute: TX
  • NonPareil Institute provides technical, life-skills, and vocational training programs that focus on building better futures for adults on the autism spectrum.
Turning Pointe Autism Foundation: Naperville, IL
  • Turning Pointe offers a year-long Career College. The program fosters independence through two semesters of full-time coursework and includes practical training in real-world environments.
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