Modern organizations generate massive amounts of data. Too often this data resides – untapped – in diverse platforms and disconnected spreadsheets.

Analytics talent is scarce and difficult to retain and develop. Too often, analytics teams are so buried in data collection, integration, and report production that they never find the time for thinking, analysis, or action.

AutonomyWorks builds and validates the data sets so your team can focus on action. AutonomyWorks integrates diverse pools of data to create management and optimization reports that enable informed decision making.

  • Data Sets – The extract, transform, and load (ETL) process often requires countless hours of tedious work. Our team integrates data from multiple sources, runs transformations, and loads the data to production and analysis platforms.
  • Data Quality – Increasingly, data is delivered and integrated electronically. API changes and delivery issues can lead to incomplete data sets and inaccurate information. We validate internal data sets against data sources to ensure complete and accurate integration.
  • Variance Reporting – Operating teams rely on data to set priorities and make day-to-day decisions. AutonomyWorks teams evaluate operating data sets and identify key opportunities enabling your teams to focus on solutions.

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