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AutonomyWorks Frequently Asked Questions

In the videos below, Anderson Cooper of 60 Minutes, our employees, our Founder, David Friedman and our Director of Operations and Talent, Karrie Pece, address several of our most frequently asked questions about how you can have a powerful impact on peoples lives, what makes our solution unique, technical and process details and how you can get started.

Why You Should Make Employing Adults with Autism Your Cause - FAQs

These videos from a variety of sources will explain the exceptional talents and benefits of working with and employing adults with autism.

Unique & Powerful Onshore BPO Success Story

iCrossing and AutonomyWorks

In this overview iCrossing and AutonomyWorks executives discuss how iCrossing partners with AutonomyWorks to employ people with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) to leverage their unique skill sets.

They also detail how this unique onshore BPO engagement increases process quality and lowers costs, reduces employee churn, reduces management costs and addresses diversity goals - while building independent lives for these talented employees.

Why Recruiting Talent on the Autism Spectrum Makes Sense

Many adults with autism have a hard time finding a job, but more companies are discovering the unique skills and potential people with autism offer. In this 60 Minutes segment aired in the fall of 2020 Anderson Cooper reports on:
  • The success of Autonomy Works
  • What makes adults with autism uniquely qualified for specific types highly rigorous work
  • Interviews adults with autism to learn about the powerful impact these companies/work have on their lives and the lives of their family

How We Make it Possible for Companies to Leverage the Exceptional Skills of People with Autism

What makes us unique is that we employ people with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) to leverage their unique skill sets to deliver exceptional business services, while building independent lives for these talented employees.

In this short video you will learn about this crisis and meet some of these exceptional and talented adults whose and hear how their lives have been profoundly impacted.

Why Employing Adults with Autism Should Be Your Cause

AutonomyWorks' Director of Talent and Operations, Karrie Pece, details some of the reasons why businesses need to employ adults with autism.

Karrie shares several powerful stories that detail the initial struggles and challenges our employees experienced transitioning from high school to the professional world. Karrie then shares how, in partnership with our clients, their lives were transformed once they were given the opportunity to contribute to our clients success in a professional setting.
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Our Business and the Competitive Advantage We Provide - FAQs

Founder and CEO - Davide Friedman and Karrie Pece - Director of Talent and Operations answer background, process and technical questions about what you can expect from an engagement with AutonomyWorks

Why We Founded the Company

Why Businesses Hire AutonomyWorks

Best Way to Get Started Supporting Our Cause with A Quick Return on Investment

The best way for all of us to ensure we effectively support this cause is for AutonomyWorks to generate a sustainable ROI in the shortest possible time. Most of our clients experience increased quality and lower cost with a positive Return on Investment within 10 weeks and the scale beyond 5 FTEs. In this short video, David Friedman discusses best practices to drive this quick ROI in one of three areas:

About Our Flexible Pricing Model

What Tech Platforms Can We Use

How Do We Onboard New Work

How Do We Train Your Team

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