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Every month, AutonomyWorks completes more than 8,000 tasks for our clients. The vast majority of these tasks are completed within 48 hours of the initial request. During on-boarding, each client deliverable is evaluated to determine the ideal structure and approach to delivery. Similar tasks are grouped. Quality check-points are established. Skill requirements are determined. Inputs and outputs are defined. Based on the Work Design, we create the instructions and tools required for consistent execution.

  • Instructions – AutonomyWorks creates a unique set of instructions for each client deliverable. These instructions provide step-by-step directions for creating each deliverable. Instruction sets are built according to our proprietary style guide that ensures that Associates can easily transition across deliverables.
  • Information Management – AutonomyWorks builds customized information management tools for many of our client deliverables. These tools provide our Associates with required information for each step in the instructions without extraneous or unneeded data. These tools also enable us to manage progress and any execution issues.
  • Workflow Management – On a day-to-day basis, all client deliverables are managed using our proprietary Work Management System (WMS). The tool creates a real-time plan and priorities to ensure that all work is completed on-time. The WMS matches the work with the Associate best qualified for each deliverable. In addition, the tool allows Associates to work independently and provides detailed productivity data.
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