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AutonomyWorks recognizes that every organization has unique process requirements. Our 3-D on-boarding process rigorously evaluates your processes and customizes our templates and work-management systems to address your specific needs. Our on-boarding process includes three key stages:

  • Define - AutonomyWorks starts with a thorough understanding of the work-related processes and any internal or external dependencies. We use a proprietary evaluation process to ensure that we capture all direct and related needs. The Define stage typically lasts 1-2 weeks.
  • Demonstrate - AutonomyWorks conducts a live test of the new processes and tools to ensure the success and viability of the program. The duration of the demonstration is dictated by the typical duration of the work processes themselves, but typically requires 1-4 weeks.
  • Deliver - Upon successful completion of the demonstration, AutonomyWorks begins to execute the work. In addition to our own ongoing quality assurance processes, regular program reviews address any changes to the work itself, stakeholder feedback and any other issues.
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