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Unique & Powerful Onshore BPO Success Story

iCrossing and AutonomyWorks

In this overview iCrossing and AutomonyWorks executives discuss how iCrossing partners with AutonomyWorks to employ people with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) to leverage their unique skill sets. They also detail how this unique onshore BPO engagement increases process quality and lower costs – while building independent lives for these talented employees.

In this Keynote event iCrossing’s Global President, Mike Parker, discusses their success leveraging AutonomyWorks for multiple tasks across data processing, transactional processes and marketing operations.

Mike is followed by David Friedman, AutonomyWorks Founder and CEO. David provides a comprehensive overview and discusses:

  • Why hiring adults with autism is critical for the United States
  • What makes these employees so valuable for companies where quality and precision are critical to success
  • The unique skill sets these talented employees bring to any organization
  • What processes and tasks are best suited to get started
  • The ROI and KPIs of an engagement with AutonomyWorks
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