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AutonomyWorks – An onshore BPO changing the world

AutonomyWorks partners with leading companies across industries needing high quality operations and back office support – to help change the world.
What makes us unique is that we employ people with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) to leverage their unique skill sets to deliver exceptional business services, while building independent lives for these talented employees.

When quality truly matters, companies choose AutonomyWorks for:

  • Digital Marketing: Manage and optimize on-line campaigns
  • Transaction Processing: Record and validate critical transactions
  • Data Management: Build and verify data sets that enable great decisions
  • Quality Assurance: Test and certify websites and operational systems

Why Companies Hire AutonomyWorks

In this keynote address excerpt from iCrossing’s Global Summit, AutonomyWorks CEO and Founder David Friedman details some specific projects and the ROI companies experienced.

BPO Areas We Can Impact

In this short video clip, David discusses specific areas of marketing ops and data processing/reporting we can immediately be impact with higher quality work, lower costs and reduced employee churn.
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