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We wanted to share this recent discussion on the Disrupt Disruption Podcast with AutonomyWorks Founder Dave Friedman.

About this Episode with AutomonyWorks Founder Dave Friedman

In this conversation, Dave and Pascal explore the disruptive opportunity of expanding your teams neuro-diversity, and the ways you can engage with a neuro-diverse workforce. They also tap into Dave’s extensive knowledge of the retail industry and discuss opportunities and disruptions within the sector.

About the Series Disrupt Disruption

In this podcast series, Disrupt Disruption, be radical's ( cofounder Pascal Finette spends time in conversation with thought leaders and practitioners on all things related to innovation and disruption. Together, with his guest, they explore and discuss disruption from a first principles basis, identify the real drivers behind disruption and develop practical, hands-on advice on how to "disrupt".

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