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Susan is a Curriculum Advisor to the AutonomyWorks team. She is responsible for the development of the Work Experience Training Program.

In 2014, Susan started a consulting practice that helps organizations create training and learning opportunities to make a meaningful and measurable impact. With a background in design and education, Susan works with organizations of all sizes to create training curriculum, materials and tools that help businesses develop the talent and skills they need. Susan joined the team at AutonomyWorks in 2015 to design and implement their tiered training program. The program successfully provides individuals with autism the professional, social and technical skills needed to be successful in high tech jobs.

Susan has also collaborated with AutonomyWorks on initiative to help other businesses create jobs for people with autism. With a grant from Autism Speaks, Susan and the team at AutonomyWorks, developed a twelve-week training program to provide technical assistance to small businesses interested in employing adults with autism. The first Autism Speaks MSBA Program launched in October 2015.

Susan has a BFA in Graphic Design, MA in Design and an MA in Education. She continues to support the team at AutonomyWorks on the evolution and advancement of all training initiatives.

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