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Hi there! My name is Maryann. I have been an Associate for AutonomyWorks since June of 2017.

I like working for AutonomyWorks because of the nice office environment. Also, the staff and coworkers are nice and very friendly. I work 5 days a week starting at 9:15 am. Most days, I am working until 3:30 pm, but on one day, I work until 2:30 pm for guitar lessons afterwards. When we are working in the office, I drive myself to and from work each day. I live close to the office, so I have an easy commute.

The main client I work on is Ansira. Ansira has given us a variety of quality assurance tasks to complete each month. For one task, I do website monitoring for different car dealer websites using a review page. I check for logos, sliders, and banners. I also check certain years, models, trims, prices, and retailing tools to make sure those are correct. I have a long list of criteria that I need to review on each dealer’s website. If the dealer meets all the requirements, I will pass the dealer. If the dealer does not adhere to the guidelines, I will fail the deal and provide documentation support of my findings.

Since working for AutonomyWorks, I have learned a lot more programs and skills then I could have ever imagined in my entire life. Also, I have gained more focus and responsibility for what I do. My piece of advice for working here is, be yourself and to do the best you can do.

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