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My name is Brennen. I have been an Associate at AutonomyWorks since August 2018 and was promoted last year to the role of a Senior Associate.

I like working at AutonomyWorks because everybody works together to make a great environment to work in. As a Senior Associate I work 5 days each week and I work a longer shift. Having a longer shift allows me to keep up with all of my responsibilities.

I work across all of our teams and help to ensure everything is running smoothly. I not only work on production for the teams, but I help to support the Job Leads to manage various tasks. I work very closely with the Leads to onboard new work, make and run various production reports, and help setup schedules and task management for associates.

The hardest part of my job is when we get to the end of one month and the beginning of a new month. I have many responsibilities that need to be done, so I create a schedule for everything that needs to be accomplished. This helps me manage my time and have everything finished and ready to go before a new month starts.

One of my skills that comes in handy is that I have a great memory. This allows me to go through a task once and be able to repeat it accurately every time I do the task. This skill also helps when I am onboarding new work because we don’t yet have detailed instructions for the work.

One goal I have for my future is to be able to live on my own and be sustainable. I enjoy collecting rocks in my free time. When I am not at work, I do a LOT of reading.


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