Ania has always enjoyed working with people and seeing them unlock their true potential. When she was a freshman in high school, she started her own music teaching business by partnering with a local orchestra director who would refer struggling music students to her. She would work to improve their musical abilities and their success in the orchestra program. Throughout high school, she taught students ages 5-12 to play the piano, viola, and violin.

Ania graduated from Indiana University with a Bachelor of Science in Business and a minor in Psychology. Her main focus after graduation was finding a job that would allow her to do work that had a social impact. What drew her to AutonomyWorks were the people and the mission, and she is glad she followed her gut because she LOVES working here!

In her free time, Ania enjoys reading, listening to podcasts, playing the piano and making lists. Ania is very proud of her Polish heritage and can talk for hours about anything even remotely Polish-related.